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Ni de aquí, ni de allá:

A multi-perspective account of the Dominican diasporic experience. Paperback – DWA Press

Speak English, You're in America

Carolina Abreu

When I first decided to self-publish, my main requirement when looking for an editor was that I wanted the relationship to feel authentic, like a real friendship/sisterhood; after all, I was trusting someone with a project that contained the deepest, most vulnerable parts of me.  Editing my book with Roxana felt like a lunch date with a good friend I was looking forward to all week. I always felt like Roxana’s main interest was always to bring my vision to life, and her openness to my ideas as well as to sharing her own made the process so enjoyable, so much so that I’m already working on my second project with her!

A Handful of Poems

Massiel Alfonso

Feedback from the author:

Roxana Calderon made my editing process feel so welcoming and natural. She created a safe space where I felt comfortable receiving feedback and suggestions. I felt seen, heard, and very present in the process. She would always check in with you and ask you how do you feel about the changes that were being made. Although she was my editor, she still wanted you to know that she was here with you and still wanted to represent the artist as best as she could. Roxana provided me with insightful, unbiased, and honest feedback. She was a great role model and guided me through the entire journey. Thank you, Roxana!

¿Con qué papel me envuelves la luna?

Lisa Gil-Ventura

Feedback from the author:

Roxana’s editing approach is gentle and loving. Which in turn makes a daunting task, fun and
pleasurable. Reliable, consistent, and communicative, she offers wise opinions and suggestions which surely guarantee a pristinely polished draft. Experienced as a bilingual editor makes for an insanely co-creative process. She’s equipped to translate ideas and emotions professionally but lightheartedly. Roxanna makes the road to publication joyful and deeply special. Trustworthy and selfless, she treats that manuscript as if it were her own. Truly comforted by her active listening skills and patience, Roxana makes the editing experience a lovely one.

Halfway There

Yariana Torres

Feedback from the author:

Roxana is genuinely an exceptional editor. It doesn’t take much time to understand that her goal is truly to uplift your writing. She managed to maintain my artistic voice throughout the entire editing process. I have never felt more comfortable and connected to a person through my writing. She gave me the motivation I needed to truly extend my body of work from a chapbook to an actual book. I am forever grateful for Roxana’s contribution to my work. 

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